Jerrod J. Schwartz, Ph.D.

Jerrod Schwartz, Ph.D.

Head of Genomics, Verily Life Sciences
(formerly Google Life Sciences)

email: jerrods [at] gmail (dot) com
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Technology development for genomics, genetics, molecular biology, synthetic biology, evolution, single molecule biophysics


Stanford University, Ph.D. in Bioengineering, 2009
California Institute of Technology, M.Sc. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics, 2005
University of British Columbia, B.Sc. (Honours) in Biochemistry, 2003


Verily Life Sciences, Staff Scientist, 2017-present

Verily Life Sciences, Senior Scientist, 2016-2017
Google[x], Senior Hardware Engineer, 2015-2016
Google[x], Hardware Engineer, 2013-2015
University of Washington, Postdoctoral fellow with Prof. Jay Shendure, 2009-2013
Stanford University, Graduate research with Prof. Stephen Quake, 2005-2009
California Institute of Technology, Graduate research with Prof. Stephen Quake, 2003-2004
University of British Columbia, Undergraduate research with Prof. Andre Marziali, 2002-2003
Agencourt Bioscience, Research Associate with Kevin McKernan, summer 2002
Stanford Genome Technology Center, Research Associate, summer 2001

Awards and Honors

Helen Hay Whitney Fellowship (2011-2014)
CIHR Postdoctoral Fellowship (2011-2014, declined)
NSERC PGS-A Graduate Scholarship (2003-2006, declined)
UBC Violet and Blythe Eagles Undergraduate Prize in Biochemistry (2003)
UBC Chancellor's Entrance Scholarship (1998-2003)


News and Talks

10.2014 - American Society for Human Genetics Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA.
07.2014 - Paper on PRDM9 diversity in primates published in Nature Communications
09.2013 - Genome Engineering and Synthetic Biology: Tools and Technologies, Ghent, Belgium.
07.2013 - Infinipair highlighted in Biotechniques.
07.2013 - SB6.0: The Sixth International Meeting on Synthetic Biology, London, UK.
05.2013 - University of California Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA.
05.2013 - Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle, WA.
01.2013 - Infinipair highlighted in Nature Methods.
12.2013 - Center for High Throughput Biology at UBC.
10.2012 - Infinipair paper published online in PNAS.
09.2012 - Innovator's Showcase talk at the 2012 UW Inventor of the Year Ceremony.
08.2012 - Dial-out PCR paper published online in Nature Methods.
06.2012 - CPHx meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark.
06.2012 - Sequencing, Finishing and Analysis in the Future meeting in Santa Fe, NM.
05.2012 - UW Genome Sciences and Computational Molecular Biology Seminar in Seattle, WA.
04.2012 - NHGRI Advanced Sequencing Technology Grantee Meeting in San Diego, CA.
03.2012 - Article on Infinipair published online in GenomeWeb.
02.2012 - AGBT in Marco Island, FL.

Patent Applications

Shendure J, Schwartz JJ, Kitzman JO, Patwardhan R, Hiatt JB. Methods for screening/recovering synthetically assembled DNA constructs, US patent application 20120283110.

Shendure J, Schwartz JJ, Adey AC, Lee C, Hiatt JB, Kitzman JO, Kumar A. Massively Parallel Contiguity Mapping, WO2012106546.

Quake SR, Schwartz JJ, Mrksich M. Surface Chemistry and Deposition Techniques, US patent application 20090053690.


Ph.D. - Technologies for high throughput single molecule DNA sequencing , Stanford University, defended May 2009. PDF
B.Sc. (Honours) - High information content BAC fingerprinting via capillary electrophoresis, University of British Columbia, defended April 2003.

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